12 Monkeys


Follows the journey of a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will nearly destroy the human race.
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S4E11 -The Beginning (2)

When all hope is lost, Cole must complete his cycle so that his youn..

S4E10 -The Beginning (1)

The final battle against the Witness begins as the fate of time and ..

S4E9 - One Minute More

The beginning of the end approaches as Cole and Cassie embark on the..

S4E8 - Demons

Everything changes when the team finally climbs the steps and rings ..

S4E7 -Daughters

Jones sends Hannah back in time to 2007 on a personal mission that c..

S4E6 -Die Glocke

The team infiltrates a Nazi gala to steal an artifact known as Die G..

S4E5 -After

A clue to breaking the cycle leads Cole and Cassie to the 1960s; Zal..

S4E4 - Legacy

Team Splinter goes back in time to the wild frontier in search of a ..

S4E3 - 45 RPM

Cassie travels back in time to confront a younger Olivia; Cole helps..

S4E2 - Ouroboros

Travelers come face to face with ghosts from their past when they fi..

S4E1 - The End

The final conflict with the Army of the 12 Monkeys begins when the W..

S3E10 - Witness

Every imaginable threat descends upon Railly and Cole. With Titan lo..

S3E9 - Thief

Cole and Railly finally learn the heart-breaking life story of the m..

S3E8 - Masks

Friends and enemies converge in Victorian London to await the arriva..

S3E7 - Causality

Cole and Railly find themselves at opposite ends of an unspeakable d..

S3E6 - Nature

In 1953, Cole and Railly reunite with Agent Gale at the birth of the..

S3E5 - Nurture

Out of time and in need of answers, Jennifer and Deacon are sent to ..

S3E4 - Brothers

Ramse and Cole splinter to 2007 expecting either a trap - or a final..

S3E3 - Enemy

Bonds of trust are tested when Ramse returns to the facility with an..

S3E2 - Guardians

While searching for Jennifer Goines in post-WWI France, Cole and Jon..

S3E1 - Mother

In the apocalypse of 2163, a desperate Cole searches for Titan. Mean..

S2E13 - Memory of Tomorrow

Cole and Railly have finally found peace living in the past. When a ..

S2E12 - Blood Washed Away

Cole and Railly attempt to stop the final paradox in the past while ..

S2E11 - Resurrection

With the temporal facility on the verge of destruction, Cole and Jon..

S2E10 - Fatherland

Cole has his loyalty tested when Ramse and Railly go rogue, embarkin..

S2E9 - Hyena

Jennifer Goines takes her power into her own hands in the year 2016 ..

S2E8 - Lullaby

Jones comes to the disheartening realization that time travel is hum..

S2E7 - Meltdown

Cole faces the Witness as Cassie's hallucinations evolve; deadly vis..

S2E6 - Immortal

Cole's partnership with Ramse is put to the test when they travel ba..

S2E5 - Bodies of Water

In the present, Cassie and Jennifer Goines run from the 12 Monkeys; ..

S2E4 - Emergence

When Cole and Cassie are stranded in 1944, Jones must turn to the pe..

S2E3 - One Hundred Years

Despite the growing tension between them, Cole and Cassie time trave..

S2E2 - Primary

When an attempt to destroy the virus changes the future, Cole finds ..

S2E1 - Year of the Monkey

Cole and Ramse repair their broken friendship while on the run; Rail..

S1E13 - Arms of Mine

In the Season 1 finale, Cole and Railly attempt a final confrontatio..

S1E12 - Paradox

With Cole dying from the effects of time-travel, Railly must find th..

S1E11 - Shonin

Cole splinters to Tokyo, 1987 in a last chance effort to stop the Ar..

S1E10 - Divine Move

While Cassandra gets closer to the virus, an unexpected death may tu..

S1E9 - Tomorrow

Cole is at the height of the plague in 2017 whilst Jones faces a rea..

S1E7 - The Keys

Cole, Dr. Railly and Aaron strive to stop the virus from being deplo..

S1E6 - The Red Forest

When the tragic events of the Night Room create an alternate reality..

S1E5 - The Red Forest

When the tragic events of the Night Room create an alternate reality..

S1E4 - Atari

A fight for the future ensues when a dangerous band of marauders hun..

S1E3 - Cassandra Complex

Cole's search for the location of the virus leads him to 2014, and t..


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