Fear the Walking Dead


Spin off series of The Walking Dead that portrays the beginning events of the zombie apocalypse in the West coast during the same time frame when the city of Atlanta was falling under attack, while Rick was in a coma at the local hospital. It shows how the strain was already in full effect in the south while it's just starting in California.
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S4E16 -... I Lose Myself

Morgan struggles to find the strength to help friends in dire need b..

S4E15 - I Lose People...

The group's hope falters as they seek a way out; Alicia and Charlie ..

S4E14 -MM 54

Difficult decisions lead the group into uncertainty; Alicia delivers..

S4E13 -Blackjack

Strand and Dorie are marooned; Luciana aids a man in need; the group..

S4E12 -Weak

June helps when Al's health deteriorates; Morgan searches for friend..

S4E11 -The Code

Morgan's journey is derailed by some new acquaintances.

S4E10 -Close Your Eyes

Alicia's forced to reckon with an agonizing past while seeking refug..

S4E9 - People Like Us

Morgan tries to help Alicia and the fractured group of survivors as ..

S4E8 - No One's Gone

Madison fights to preserve the life she worked so hard to build. Mor..

S4E7 -The Wrong Side of W..

Madison's decision to help an adversary has unintended consequences...

S4E6 -Just in Case

Strand wrestles with Madison's decisions. Things take an unexpected ..

S4E5 - Laura

The arrival of a wounded visitor in John Dorie's life forces him to ..

S4E4 - Buried

Al's questioning uncovers some surprising truths about the group's p..

S4E3 -Good Out Here

Madison and Morgan try to help Nick find inner peace. A quest for re..

S4E2 - Another Day in the..

A troubled survivor finds allies in an unexpected place. The life Ma..

S3E16 - Sleigh Ride

Madison faces a horrifying revelation and the Clark family is pushed..

S3E15 - Things Bad Begun

Strand's motives are made clear when Nick discovers a new threat des..

S3E14 - El Matadero

Alicia encounters a potential ally; Ofelia fights for survival; Nick..

S3E13 - This Land is Your..

With the Ranchers trapped and without hope, Alicia is thrust into a ..

S3E12 - Brother's Keeper

Nick and Jake set out to handle a delicate situation; the Ranch prep..

S3E11 - La Serpiente

Following the rekindling of an old friendship, a mission is launched..

S3E9 & 10 - Minotaur

In the aftermath of the Clark family's actions, new leadership assum..

S3E8 - Children of Wrath

In the conclusion of the midseason finale, Madison must negotiate th..

S3E7 - The Unveiling

In part one of the midseason finale, a new arrival sows a divide wit..

S3E6 - Red Dirt

Loyalty wavers at the Ranch; news of incoming danger spreads in the ..

S3E5 - Burning in WaterDr..

An oncoming threat disrupts peace; Madison and Troy search for answe..

S3E4 - 100

A mysterious character searches for purpose and soon becomes tied to..


Still finding their place, Alicia and Nick fall in with new crowds w..

S3E2 - The New Frontier

Following a harrowing journey, the Clark family arrive at their new ..

S3E1 - Eye of the Beholder

In the third season opener, the Clark family find themselves in a di..

S2E15 - North

When Travis' rage causes unrest at the hotel, Madison has to choose ..

S2E14 - Wrath

Travis is thrown off by new refugees; Nick must decide if he's going..

S2E13 - Date of Death

Madison struggles to cope as a large number of refugees flood into t..

S2E12 - Pillar of Salt

Madison springs into action when one of the hotel residents gets vio..

S2E11 - Pablo & Jessica

Alicia and Madison try to bring two competing factions together; Nic..

S2E10 - Do Not Disturb

Travis struggles to connect with Chris while searching for shelter. ..

S2E9 - Los Muertos

After the fall of the compound, Madison, Strand and others forge a t..

S2E8 - Grotesque

Nick's search for answers leads him into a deadly dog-eat-dog landsc..

S2E7 - Shiva

The family faces their biggest test yet; Nick, Madison, Travis and o..

S2E6 - Sicut Cervus

As Abigail arrives at her destination, conflicts arise. Chris makes ..

S2E5 - Captive

Alicia works toward reuniting with her family. Travis comes across a..

S2E4 - Blood in the Streets

The group lets a family in distress board the Abigail; Strand's past..

S2E3 - Ouroboros

Madison confronts Strand about his mysterious destination. Meanwhile..

S2E2 - We All Fall Down

The group seeks shelter with a survivalist family; and Madison tries..

S2E1 - Monster

After fleeing a burning Los Angeles on Strand's yacht, tensions aris..


As civil unrest grows, and the dead take over, Travis and Madison tr..

S1E5 - Cobalt

The National Guard's plan for the neighborhood is revealed; Travis a..


No description

S1E3 - The Dog

After they escape a riot, Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with th..

S1E2 - So CloseYet So Far

Madison tries to keep Nick from withdrawal; Travis sets out to locat..

S1E1 - Pilot

In the opener of this "The Walking Dead" spin-off, a dysfunctional b..