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  • What's New On Dare - New Features

    From time to time new features will be added to the site. Now, you will be able to find out what they are and/or what they do here. So check back whenever something new appears to find out all about it. Feel free to contact one of the Mods or Admins or leave a message here and we'll be happy to answer any of your comments or questions about any of the new features.

    Dare Lite Button (May, 2017)

    Dare Lite is just a bigger, lite player located on the dare site, for people who are using portable devices or anyone that does not want the distraction of chat or any ads that originate from the dare site on the page they are watching a video on. However, you will still receive the ads that come from the video host site, we can not do anything about them, so keep your blockers up to date.

    Feeling Lucky Button (June, 2017)

    There is a new link called "Feeling Lucky" now listed at the top of the links. If a movie has a google doc link anywhere the Feeling Lucky link will find it and play the movie in google doc. If it does NOT have a google doc link to be found anywhere then it will show a broken player or some kind of error message and folks will have to pick another link to watch the movie.

    The quality can be anywhere from Cam to HD depending on if there are any HD links to be found, especially for new movies. If there are nothing but Cam quality links then that is what will play. If there are Cam and HD links then the HD links are what will play. This feature should work best with new moves but it will also work with the more popular older movies (such as Star Wars, The Godfather or Harry Potter, etc.) as well. While it might work with older less popular movies it won't work as well. Just remember if you get an error message or broken player that just means it didn't find that particular movie in a google doc format, it doesn't mean the button is broken and won't work for other movies.

    The "Feeling Lucky" button works for ChromeCast as well.
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